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call(String, CommonParameters) - Static method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.HtmlApi
Calls the Wolfram|Alpha HTML API for the given input and parameters.
call(String, ImageParameters) - Static method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.ImageApi
Calls the Wolfram|Alpha image API for the given input and parameters.
call(String, CommonParameters) - Static method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.ShortAnswerApi
Calls the Wolfram|Alpha short answer API for the given input and parameters.
call(String, CommonParameters) - Static method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.SpokenResultApi
Calls the Wolfram|Alpha spoken result API for the given input and parameters.
cancel() - Method in class
clearAssumptions() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
clearAssumptions() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
clearExcludePodIDs() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
clearExcludePodIDs() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
clearIncludePodIDs() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
clearIncludePodIDs() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
clearPodIndexes() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
clearPodIndexes() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
clearPodScanners() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
clearPodScanners() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
clearPodStates() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
clearPodStates() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
clearPodTitles() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
clearPodTitles() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
com.wolfram.alpha - package com.wolfram.alpha
com.wolfram.alpha.impl - package com.wolfram.alpha.impl - package - package - package - package
com.wolfram.alpha.simple - package com.wolfram.alpha.simple
Java Bindings to the Simple Alpha APIs
com.wolfram.alpha.test - package com.wolfram.alpha.test
com.wolfram.alpha.visitor - package com.wolfram.alpha.visitor
CommonParameters - Interface in com.wolfram.alpha.simple
The superinterface for the non-input parameters that are common to all dedicated Wolfram|Alpha API endpoints.
compare(WAAssumptionImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAAssumptionImpl
compare(WABannerImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WABannerImpl
compare(WADefinitionImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WADefinitionImpl
compare(WAExamplePage) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAExamplePageImpl
compare(WAFutureTopic) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAFutureTopicImpl
compare(WAGeneralization) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAGeneralizationImpl
compare(WAImage) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageImpl
compare(WAImageMap) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageMapImpl
compare(WAInfoImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAInfoImpl
compare(WALink) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WALinkImpl
compare(WAMathematicaInput) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAMathematicaInputImpl
compare(WANoteImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WANoteImpl
compare(WAPlainText) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPlainTextImpl
compare(WAPodImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
compare(WAPodStateImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodStateImpl
compare(WAQueryResult) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
compare(WAReinterpretWarning) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAReinterpretWarningImpl
compare(WARelatedExampleImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedExampleImpl
compare(WARelatedLinkImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedLinkImpl
compare(WARelatedQueryImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedQueryImpl
Compares two WARelatedQuery objects
compare(WASoundImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASoundImpl
compare(WASourceInfoImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASourceInfoImpl
compare(WASubpodImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodImpl
compare(WASubpodStateImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodStateImpl
compare(WAUnits) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAUnitsImpl
compare(WAWarningImpl) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAWarningImpl
compare(WAAssumptionImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAAssumption
compare(WABannerImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WABanner
compare(WADefinitionImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WADefinition
compare(WAExamplePage) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAExamplePage
compare(WAFutureTopic) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAFutureTopic
compare(WAGeneralization) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAGeneralization
compare(WAImage) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImage
compare(WAInfoImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAInfo
compare(WANoteImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WANote
compare(WAPodImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
compare(WAPodStateImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPodState
compare(WAQueryResult) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
compare(WARelatedExampleImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedExample
compare(WARelatedLinkImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedLink
compare(WARelatedQueryImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedQuery
compare(WASoundImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASound
compare(WASourceInfoImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASourceInfo
compare(WASubpodImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpod
compare(WASubpodStateImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpodState
compare(WAWarningImpl) - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAWarning
compareElements(Object[], Object[]) - Static method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodImpl
copy() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryImpl
copy() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQuery
copyFile(File) - Static method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageImpl
countryCode - Variable in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
createHttpTransaction(URL, ProxySettings) - Method in class
createHttpTransaction(URL, ProxySettings, byte[]) - Method in class
createHttpTransaction(URL, ProxySettings) - Method in interface
createHttpTransaction(URL, ProxySettings, byte[]) - Method in interface
createHttpTransaction(URL, ProxySettings) - Method in class
createHttpTransaction(URL, ProxySettings, byte[]) - Method in class
createQuery() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.WAEngine
createQuery(String) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.WAEngine
createQueryFromURL(String) - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.WAEngine
currency - Variable in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
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