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GENERALIZATION_QUERY - Static variable in class com.wolfram.alpha.WAEngine
generalizationInput - Variable in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getAlt() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageImpl
getAlt() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImage
getAlternatives() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAReinterpretWarningImpl
getAlternatives() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAReinterpretWarning
getAPIVersion() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getAPIVersion() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getAppId() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.simple.CommonParameters
The appID to use.
getAppId() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.DefaultCommonParameters
The appID to use.
getAppID() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.WAEngine
getAppIdKey() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.simple.CommonParameters
The private key to use for signing the request.
getAppIdKey() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.DefaultCommonParameters
The private key to use for signing the request.
getAssumptions() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageMapImpl
getAssumptions() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getAssumptions() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getAssumptions() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageMap
getAssumptions() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getAssumptions() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getAsync() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getAsync() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getAsyncException() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getAsyncException() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getAsyncURL() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getAsyncURL() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getAttributes() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAWarningImpl
getAttributes() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAWarning
getAutocompleteQueries() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getBackground() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.DefaultImageParameters
The desired value for the background API parameter.
getBackground() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.simple.ImageParameters
The desired value for the background API parameter.
getBanners() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getBanners() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getBanners() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getBanners() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getBaseUrl() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.simple.CommonParameters
The Wolfram|Alpha server, including the base path to the Wolfram|Alpha API's, but not including the final path.
getBaseUrl() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.DefaultCommonParameters
The Wolfram|Alpha server, including the base path to the Wolfram|Alpha API's, but not including the final path.
getBytes() - Method in class
getCategory() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAExamplePageImpl
getCategory() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedExampleImpl
getCategory() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAExamplePage
getCategory() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedExample
getCategoryPage() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedExampleImpl
getCategoryPage() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedExample
getCategoryThumb() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedExampleImpl
getCategoryThumb() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedExample
getCharSet() - Method in class
getCharSet() - Method in interface
getCharSet() - Method in class
getCharSet() - Method in class
getComputationView() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getComputationView() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getContentLength() - Method in class
getContentLength() - Method in interface
getContentLength() - Method in class
getContents() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WABannerImpl
getContents() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAInfoImpl
getContents() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodImpl
getContents() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WABanner
getContents() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAInfo
getContents() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpod
getCount() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAAssumptionImpl
getCount() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAAssumption
getCountryCode() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getCountryCode() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getCurrency() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getCurrency() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getCurrent() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAAssumptionImpl
getCurrent() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAAssumption
getCurrentIndex() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodStateImpl
getCurrentIndex() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodStateImpl
getCurrentIndex() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPodState
getCurrentIndex() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpodState
getDataId() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodImpl
getDataId() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpod
getDataTypes() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getDataTypes() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getDefaultHttpProvider() - Static method in class
getDefinitions() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getDefinitions() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getDescription() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAAssumptionImpl
getDescription() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WADefinitionImpl
getDescription() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAGeneralizationImpl
getDescription() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedExampleImpl
getDescription() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAAssumption
getDescription() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WADefinition
getDescription() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAGeneralization
getDescription() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedExample
getDescriptions() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAAssumptionImpl
getDescriptions() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAAssumption
getDidYouMeans() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getDidYouMeans() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getDimensions() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageImpl
getDimensions() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImage
getDownloadDir() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.WAEngine
getErrorCode() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageUploadResultImpl
getErrorCode() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getErrorCode() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageUploadResult
getErrorCode() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getErrorMessage() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageUploadResultImpl
getErrorMessage() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getErrorMessage() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageUploadResult
getErrorMessage() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getExamplePage() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getExamplePage() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getException() - Method in class
getExcerpt() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedLinkImpl
getExcerpt() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedLink
getExcludePodIDs() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getExcludePodIDs() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getExtraParams() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getExtraParams() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getFile() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageImpl
getFile() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASoundImpl
getFile() - Method in class
getFile() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImage
getFile() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASound
getFilename() - Method in class
getFontSize() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.DefaultImageParameters
The desired value for the fontsize API parameter, in points.
getFontSize() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.simple.ImageParameters
The desired value for the fontsize API parameter, in points.
getForeground() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.DefaultImageParameters
The desired value for the foreground API parameter.
getForeground() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.simple.ImageParameters
The desired value for the foreground API parameter.
getFormat() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageImpl
getFormat() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASoundImpl
getFormat() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImage
getFormat() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASound
getFormats() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getFormats() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getFormattedURL() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASourceInfoImpl
getFormattedURL() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASourceInfo
getFormattedURL_anotherVersion() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASourceInfoImpl
getFormattedURL_anotherVersion() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASourceInfo
getFormatTimeout() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getFormatTimeout() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getFutureTopic() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getFutureTopic() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getGeneralization() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getGeneralization() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getGeneralizationInput() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getGeneralizationInput() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getGeneralizationViewPosition() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getGeneralizationViewPosition() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getHost() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageUploadResultImpl
getHost() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageUploadResult
getHttpClient() - Method in class
getHttpProvider() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.WAEngine
getID() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getID() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodStateImpl
getID() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodStateImpl
getID() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getID() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPodState
getID() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpodState
getImage() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedLinkImpl
getImage() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAUnitsImpl
getImage() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedLink
getImage() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAUnits
getIncludePodIDs() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getIncludePodIDs() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getInfos() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getInfos() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getInput() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getInput() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedExampleImpl
getInput() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedQueryImpl
Returns the related query input value
getInput() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getInput() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedExample
getInput() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedQuery
getInputs() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAAssumptionImpl
getInputs() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodStateImpl
getInputs() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodStateImpl
getInputs() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAAssumption
getInputs() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPodState
getInputs() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpodState
getInstance() - Static method in class
getIP() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getIP() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getLanguageCode() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getLanguageCode() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getLanguageMessage() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getLanguageMessage() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getLatLong() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getLatLong() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getLayout() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.DefaultImageParameters
The desired value for the layout API parameter.
getLayout() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.simple.ImageParameters
The desired value for the layout API parameter.
getLocation() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getLocation() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getLongNames() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAUnitsImpl
getLongNames() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAUnits
getMagnification() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getMagnification() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getMaxWidth() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getMaxWidth() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getMessage() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAFutureTopicImpl
getMessage() - Method in exception
getMessage() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAFutureTopic
getMinput() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAMathematicaInputImpl
getMinput() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAMathematicaInput
getNames() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAAssumptionImpl
getNames() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodStateImpl
getNames() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodStateImpl
getNames() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAAssumption
getNames() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPodState
getNames() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpodState
getNew() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAReinterpretWarningImpl
getNew() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAReinterpretWarning
getNotes() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getNotes() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getNoteText() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WANoteImpl
getNoteText() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WANote
getNumPods() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getNumPods() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getNumSubpods() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getNumSubpods() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getParameters() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getParameters() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getParseTiming() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getParseTiming() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getPlotWidth() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getPlotWidth() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getPodIndexes() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getPodIndexes() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getPods() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getPods() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getPodScanners() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getPodScanners() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getPodState() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodStateImpl
getPodState() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpodState
getPodStates() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getPodStates() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getPodStates() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getPodStates() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getPodTimeout() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getPodTimeout() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getPodTitles() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getPodTitles() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getPosition() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getPosition() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getProgress() - Method in class
getProxyForHttpClient(String) - Method in class
getProxyForJavaNet(String) - Method in class
getProxyHostAndPort(String) - Method in class
getProxyHostAndPort(String) - Method in class
getQuery() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getQuery() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getQueryURLs() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageMapImpl
getQueryURLs() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageMap
getRecalculateURL() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getRecalculateURL() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getRectClickables() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageMapImpl
getRectClickables() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageMap
getRelatedExamples() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getRelatedExamples() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getRelatedLinks() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getRelatedLinks() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getRelatedQueries() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getRelatedQueries() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getRelatedQueriesURL() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getRelatedQueriesURL() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getResponseHeader(String) - Method in class
Only works for simple headers (ones that do not contain mltiple elements).
getResponseHeaders() - Method in class
getResponseHeaders() - Method in interface
getResponseHeaders() - Method in class
getResponseStream() - Method in class
getResponseStream() - Method in interface
getResponseStream() - Method in class
getResponseString() - Method in class
getResponseString() - Method in interface
getResponseString() - Method in class
getScanner() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getScanner() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getScanTimeout() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getScanTimeout() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getServer() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageUploadResultImpl
getServer() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageUploadResult
getShortNames() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAUnitsImpl
getShortNames() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAUnits
getSounds() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getSounds() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getSource() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedLinkImpl
getSource() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedLink
getSources() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getSources() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getStatusCode() - Method in exception com.wolfram.alpha.simple.NoApiResultException
The HTTP response code returned by the server.
getSubpods() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getSubpods() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getSubpodStates() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodImpl
getSubpodStates() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpod
getText() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAInfoImpl
getText() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WALinkImpl
getText() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPlainTextImpl
getText() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedLinkImpl
getText() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASourceInfoImpl
getText() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAWarningImpl
getText() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAInfo
getText() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WALink
getText() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPlainText
getText() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedLink
getText() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASourceInfo
getText() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAWarning
getTimedoutScanners() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getTimedoutScanners() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getTimeout() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.simple.CommonParameters
The value of the timeout parameter.
getTimeout() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.DefaultCommonParameters
The value of the timeout parameter.
getTiming() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getTiming() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getTips() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getTips() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getTitle() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageImpl
getTitle() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WALinkImpl
getTitle() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getTitle() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodImpl
getTitle() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImage
getTitle() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WALink
getTitle() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getTitle() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpod
getTitles() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageMapImpl
getTitles() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageMap
getToggleArrows_Clicked() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getToggleArrows_Clicked() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getTopic() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAFutureTopicImpl
getTopic() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAGeneralizationImpl
getTopic() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAFutureTopic
getTopic() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAGeneralization
getTotalBytes() - Method in class
getTotalBytesDownloaded() - Method in class
getType() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAAssumptionImpl
getType() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAWarningImpl
getType() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAAssumption
getType() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAWarning
getUnits() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.simple.CommonParameters
The value of the units parameter.
getUnits() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.simple.DefaultCommonParameters
The value of the units parameter.
getUploadid() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageUploadResultImpl
getUploadid() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageUploadResult
getURL() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAExamplePageImpl
getUrl() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAGeneralizationImpl
getURL() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageImpl
getURL() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WALinkImpl
getURL() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedLinkImpl
getURL() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASoundImpl
getURL() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASourceInfoImpl
getURL() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAExamplePage
getUrl() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAGeneralization
getURL() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImage
getURL() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WALink
getURL() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedLink
getURL() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASound
getURL() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASourceInfo
getUserData() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
getUserData() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getUserData() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WASubpodImpl
getUserData() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
getUserData() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getUserData() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WASubpod
getValidities() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAAssumptionImpl
getValidities() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAAssumption
getWarnings() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getWarnings() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
getweatherBannerPodstates() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WABannerImpl
getweatherBannerPodstates() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WABanner
getWeatherBannerTitle() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WABannerImpl
getWeatherBannerTitle() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WABanner
getWebURLs() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageMapImpl
getWebURLs() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageMap
getWidth() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
getWidth() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
getWord() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAAssumptionImpl
getWord() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WADefinitionImpl
getWord() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAAssumption
getWord() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WADefinition
getWords() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAAssumptionImpl
getWords() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAAssumption
getXML() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageUploadResultImpl
getXML() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
getXML() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageUploadResult
getXML() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
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