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ImageApi - Class in com.wolfram.alpha.simple
The Wolfram|Alpha simple image API.
IMAGEOPERATION_QUERY - Static variable in class com.wolfram.alpha.WAEngine
ImageParameters - Interface in com.wolfram.alpha.simple
The superinterface for the non-input parameters for the full image API.
IMAGEUPLOAD_QUERY - Static variable in class com.wolfram.alpha.WAEngine
includePodIDs - Variable in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
includeRelatedLinks - Variable in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
input - Variable in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
INPUT - Static variable in interface com.wolfram.alpha.simple.CommonParameters
The name of the required i parameter for the input string.
ip - Variable in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
isAllowTranslation() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
isAllowTranslation() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
isError() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAImageUploadResultImpl
isError() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAPodImpl
isError() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
isError() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAImageUploadResult
isError() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAPod
isError() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
isFinished() - Method in class
Doesn't mean that it finished successfully; could have been cancelled.
isMetric() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
isMetric() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
isReinterpret() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
isReinterpret() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
isRelatedLinks() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryParametersImpl
isRelatedLinks() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryParameters
isSuccess() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WAQueryResultImpl
isSuccess() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WAQueryResult
isUsesUpload() - Method in class com.wolfram.alpha.impl.WARelatedQueryImpl
Returns if "usesUpload" parameter value
isUsesUpload() - Method in interface com.wolfram.alpha.WARelatedQuery
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