Deploy Wolfram|Alpha technology

  • for your customers
  • your organization
  • your data
  • your AI

Building on Wolfram's three decades of technology development, the Wolfram|Alpha platform introduces knowledge-based computing—and fundamentally redefines knowledge presentation, acquisition, development, and management. For startups to global enterprises, Wolfram's product licensing and service organizations deliver innovative custom solutions that delight your customers, inform your organization, and energize your data as never before.

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Wolfram|Alpha Enterprise

Take advantage of Wolfram|Alpha technology and proprietary processes

Add computational knowledge to your website or product

  • Enhance existing web properties and build new ones that bring online information to life
  • Create new products and services that leverage computable knowledge
  • Access the cost and time-to-market advantage of Wolfram|Alpha's supercomputer-powered SaaS infrastructure

Deploy Wolfram|Alpha on your platform or environment

  • Provide your users with native access to Wolfram|Alpha in your proprietary hardware or software environment
  • Connect Wolfram|Alpha to novel user interfaces
  • Adapt Wolfram|Alpha to particular user communities or usage patterns

Use Wolfram|Alpha technology to curate your corporate data

  • Apply Wolfram|Alpha's proprietary technology and processes to curate your corporate data and make it computable
  • Fully integrate your data with Wolfram|Alpha's repository of computable data for either private-only access or public availability

Inject computational intelligence into AI systems

  • Use Wolfram|Alpha’s natural-language capabilities to deliver computational intelligence directly to LLMs
  • Give LLMs access to Wolfram|Alpha’s curated computational knowledge

Install a custom Wolfram|Alpha Appliance

  • Deploy a fully updatable private intranet copy of Wolfram|Alpha in your data center, secure within your corporate firewall

Create a Wolfram|Alpha interface for your corporate data

  • Use Wolfram|Alpha's powerful technology framework and vast algorithmic capabilities to immediately, efficiently, and accurately model and analyze your corporate computable data
  • Employ an intuitive language interface allowing free-form English queries crossing multiple domains spanning both Wolfram|Alpha and your corporate databases
  • Deploy high-impact visualizations of corporate data, models, and results optimized for clarity and accuracy
  • Create a custom Wolfram|Alpha interface to your own curated data allowing your employees and management to access, analyze, and visualize your own data as never before—making management analysis broadly available on the fly
  • Enhance your customers' experience by integrating relevant, timely, richly visualized computable knowledge from Wolfram|Alpha and your own data in websites, applications, reports, and products

Wolfram|Alpha Services

Our consultants bring technical skills, vertical industry prowess, deep project-management expertise, and unwavering focus on customer priorities and goals. They have unmatched expertise in deploying Wolfram|Alpha technology tools and proprietary processes, leveraging the entire Mathematica family of products—including Mathematica and webMathematica, the technical computing foundation of Wolfram|Alpha—and successfully meeting the challenges of working in complex, heterogeneous, distributed enterprise computing environments.

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Wolfram|Alpha Services