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Get answers. Access expert knowledge. Where you are. Whenever you need it. Natively optimized for iPhone® and iPad®.
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Wolfram|Alpha Optimized for iOS DevicesWith Wolfram|Alpha on your iOS devices, you can explore a vast world of knowledge through an app adapted for your ever-changing, on-the-go lifestyle. Use Wolfram|Alpha to discover new information about the world and to deliver expert knowledge into any facet of your mobile life.
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Wolfram|Alpha Pro step-by-step solutions imageStep-by-Step Solutions
Step-by-step calculators for calculus, algebra, trigonometry, equation solving, basic math, chemistry and more. Gain more understanding of your homework with step-by-step hints guiding you from problems to answers!
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Wolfram|Alpha Pro image as input imagePhoto Input
Input your math even faster with photo input. Enter your math problems using photo-based input to get you quickly to results and step-by-step solutions.
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Wolfram|Alpha Pro input assistants imageInput Assistants
Pro users can now access our popular course, reference, professional and personal assistant apps within the main Wolfram|Alpha app, quickly guiding you from inputs to answers.
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Wolfram|Alpha Pro image as input imageImage as Input
Pro users can upload an image as an input to Wolfram|Alpha for analysis or processing.
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App keyboard imageSpecifically Designed for iPhone and iPad
The Wolfram|Alpha app is specifically designed for the iPhone and iPad, with an elegant native interface that includes specialized keyboards, output tuned for the device's screen, copy/paste support and integration with maps and other services.
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With its simple interface, the Wolfram|Alpha app lets you instantly compute answers to questions across thousands of domains—from finance and food to math and medicine to stocks and spacecraft to wordplay and weather...