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This app covers the following topics, applicable to any college-level introductory computational astronomy course:

  • Get an overview of constellations, including the effects of proper motion
  • Learn the celestial reference points and their location in your sky
  • Explore solar system objects, properties, and dynamics
  • Study Moon phases, eclipses, and tides
  • Examine properties of over 100,000 stars, including distance, parallax, luminosity, and position on the Hertzsprung–Russel diagram
  • Learn about the seasons and when meteor showers occur
  • Access formulas such as Newton's and Kepler's laws, escape velocity, moments of inertia, angular momentum, and Einstein's famous E=mc2
  • Convert between wavelength and frequency, or find the energy of a photon
  • Understand the cosmological effects of universal expansion on light and the gravitational effects of black holes
  • Determine the probability of intelligent life on other worlds
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