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Mechanics of Materials
Course Assistant
  • Calculate the normal stress on and extensional strain in a body
  • Solve for the effects of temperature changes on a member
  • Search for material properties of alloys, plastics, and woods
  • Determine the Young's modulus, Poisson's ratio, and shear modulus of an object
  • Use Hooke's Law for uniaxial stress and plane stress and a generalized version to solve for a member's stress or strain
  • Evaluate axial deformation problems
  • Find the shear stress on circular bars, rectangular or elliptical shafts, and thin-walled members undergoing torsional forces
  • Determine the twist angles of torsion members
  • Calculate the extensional strain and flexural stress in pure bending beams
  • Solve for the deflection of statically determinate beams