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Wolfram|Alpha App for NOOK

With Wolfram|Alpha on your NOOK Color™ or NOOK Tablet™, you get the answers you're looking for on a broad range of topics. Discover new facts, gain insight, compute almost anything, and share what you find with your friends.

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Your palm-sized supercomputer

The Wolfram|Alpha App for NOOK plugs directly in to the Wolfram|Alpha supercomputing cloud, computing answers to your questions quickly and efficiently and without draining your battery.

A tool for everyone

The Wolfram|Alpha App for NOOK is an indispensable tool no matter who you are:

  • financial analyst
  • physician
  • scientist
  • engineer
  • student
  • teacher
  • journalist
  • parent
  • economist
  • systems analyst
  • nutritionist
  • marketing manager
  • pilot
  • sportsman

or almost anything else...

Designed for Nook

The Wolfram|Alpha App for NOOK is specifically designed for Nook Color™ and NOOK Tablet™, with specialized math keyboards, and charts and graphics adapted for NOOK screens.

Knowledge at your fingertips

With its simple interface, the Wolfram|Alpha App for NOOK lets you instantly compute answers to questions across thousands of domains—from finance and food to math and medicine to stocks and spacecraft to wordplay and weather...