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Personal Fitness
Assistant App
  • Enter your personal measurements and discover the energy expenditure and fat burned for over 275 activities
  • Custom fitness calculations compute your estimated heart rate to help you determine your target heart rate
  • Compute the calories burned while performing everyday activities and get a more accurate picture of your caloric needs
  • Tailor results using combinations of variables like time, distance, speed, or pace
  • Calculate your BMI to see if you are in the ideal weight range for your height
  • Use custom weight-loss calculators to find out how long it will take to reach your target body weight and your required caloric intake
  • Calculate different measures of health: body mass index (BMI), basal metabolic rate (BMR), and body surface area (BSA)
  • Set goals using racing performance predictions based on your workout
  • Compute calories and fat burned while playing team sports like baseball, softball, volleyball, and track
  • Find out energy expended during any recreational activity, from surfing to fishing, hunting, or hula dancing
  • See how many calories you burn on specific daily tasks at home and work, like gardening or office work
  • Even compute calories burned during "inactivity," while meditating, sleeping, or sitting quietly