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Assistant App
  • Compute flight information, including departure and arrival times, delays, and missed flight alternatives
  • Compare airline data, including average number of flights per day, average number of people per flight, and average on-time arrivals
  • Learn about gas prices in different cities along your journey and calculate the cost of gas
  • View local and country maps and compute distances between locations
  • Perform currency conversions based on the current exchange rate and calculate the tip or how to split the bill
  • Access area statistics, including tourism facts, cost of living, U.S. sales tax rates, and crime rates by city
  • Look up ZIP codes, calling codes, voltage information, local holidays, nearby hospitals, and more
  • Anticipate jet lag by computing time zones relative to your current location
  • Compare annual climates and average temperatures and access up-to-date weather forecasts to help you pick your destination
  • Look up geographic information to find waterfalls, volcanoes, parks, and more along your way