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Capital Budgeting
Professional Assistant
  • Solve for the capital recovery factor and interest rate using interest periods or compounding periods
  • Use the economic value added to calculate the net operating profit after taxes and the weighted average cost of capital
  • Get results for computations like the equivalent annual cost, profitability index, real rate of return, and return on investment
  • Get detailed results for weighted costs of capital like cost of equity and debt, tax rate, total equity, and debt
  • Solve for depreciation with various depreciation methods like straight line, declining balance, accelerated, sum of years digits, and more
  • Compute present and future value, interest rate, compounding periods, periodic payments, and periodic payment growth rate by using ordinary annuities or annuities due
  • Research current interest rates on credit cards, mortgage refinance, personal loans, long-term interest rates, LIBOR rates, and others
  • Do calculations for lump sums, nominal and effective rates, and amortization