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Corporate Finance
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  • Definitions for over 40 terms
  • Time-value of money computations including annuities calculations; options to solve for present value, future value, interest rate, compounding periods, periodic payments, and perpetuities; lump sum calculations; nominal and effective rate conversions; and amortization computations
  • Equity valuation calculations such as discounted cash-flow analysis, capital asset pricing model (CAPM), dividend discount model (DDM), and the Benjamin Graham formula
  • Fixed income computations for accrued interest, bond pricing for general price, yield to maturity, face value, coupon rate, and redemption values; bond duration formulas for annual coupon rates and yield to maturity with Macaulay and modified durations; treasury bills, certificate of deposits, and more
  • Capital budgeting calculations like discrete and continuous capital recovery factors and interest rates, compounding and interest periods, profitability indices, depreciation, weighted costs of capital, equity, and debt
  • Retirement budgeting such as simple investment calculations using portfolio style and return & risk for ending value, ongoing yearly investment, and accumulation period; calculate portfolio value for investment planning using ongoing yearly withdrawal or withdrawal percent
  • Value at risk, options, hedging, and market quotes including vanilla option, covered call option, and protective put option; stock and commodity contracts, hedge effectiveness; up-to-date information on stocks, funds, and indices; currency conversion; and futures contracts
  • Calculate interest, tax rates, and costs of living, such as interest rates on credit cards and mortgages and LIBOR rates; US state income rates; current US and international Consumer Price Indices (CPI); salary and minimum wage data, college expenses, and gas prices