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Pre-built Wolfram|Alpha APIs
Simple APIImmediately get simple images of complete Wolfram|Alpha result pages
Note: This API does not support , , and . Use the Full Results API for these advanced features.
Short Answers APIShort textual answers, quickly giving the main result for a query from Wolfram|Alpha
Suitable for rapid responses, small screens or integration into bots etc.
Spoken Results APIResults optimized for conversational audio delivery
Suitable for delivery either standalone or in combination with text or report delivery.
Full Results APIFull programmable access to all the capabilities of Wolfram|Alpha
Includes , , and more.
Conversational APIAdd intelligence to your bot with results optimized for back-and-forth dialog
Includes user-driven disambiguation and drilldown, as well as conversational parameter prompting.
Fast Query Recognizer APIQuickly classify queries, and recognize ones that are likely to be handled by Wolfram|Alpha
Typically runs in under 10 ms.
Summary Boxes APIQuickly deliver configurable, pre-generated summary boxes about specific entities, properties or computations
Typically runs in under 10 ms. Styling etc. fully configurable.
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Instant Calculators APIWeb-deployable, form-based calculators across the full spectrum of Wolfram|Alpha domains
Generate configurable Wolfram|Alpha results from simple form interfaces.
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Show Steps APIFull Show Steps capabilities from Wolfram|Alpha Pro
The ultimate homework and tutorial solution.
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Set Up Your Own Knowledge-Based APIs with the Wolfram Language

The Wolfram Language has full integrated access to the Wolfram|Alpha knowledgebase. Create instant APIs within the Wolfram Language to implement custom functionality, and immediately deploy in the Wolfram Cloud or in Wolfram Enterprise Private Cloud.

Typical Deployments
Intelligent Assistants
Wolfram|Alpha is the computational knowledge source for intelligent assistants
Give your bot computational knowledge intelligence with Wolfram|Alpha
Voice-Based Systems
Use Spoken Results to get computational knowledge without a screen, e.g. in a car
Mobile Apps
Put computational knowledge into your mobile apps
Search Engines
Triage with the Fast Query Recognizer, then display computational knowledge alongside search results
Publishing Integration
Use Wolfram|Alpha to put instant real-world knowledge at the fingertips of textbook and other book readers
Personalized Portals
Add Wolfram|Alpha to common tools in a personalized portal
Learning Management Systems
Give students and teachers integrated access to computational knowledge
Desktop Software Systems
Inject computational knowledge into a desktop software system
SMS/OTT Answer Services
Use Short Answers to get results from SMS/OTT inputs
Smart Watches
Ask your watch a question, then get back a suitably shortened result to display
Augmented Reality Systems
Display result summaries in augmented reality systems
Also Available

Wolfram|Alpha Appliance

Standalone version of Wolfram|Alpha, suitable for private deployments within an organization

Custom Wolfram|Alpha Solutions

Create a custom Wolfram|Alpha for organizational as well as public data


Create your own instant API by accessing the Wolfram|Alpha Knowledgebase using the Wolfram Language

Pre-built Apps

More than 50 high-quality apps, suitable for adaptation to new platforms and environments

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